values we live and juice by


Rainbow Juices offers the freshest, highest quality juices available locally. Our juices are extracted straight from the living source: local organic farms. A hydraulic press squeezes essential nutrients and enzymes right out of the pulp, releasing the maximum benefits of every fruit and vegetable we use. Our cold-pressed juices yield higher amounts of vitamins, minerals and enzymes than that of the standard household juicer, minimizing exposure to heat and oxidation. Each juice is made fresh daily, pure and unpasteurized, and will retain their freshness up to 72 hours. Raw, Local, Organic Goodness! Drinking Rainbow Juices is the tastiest way to keep you thriving.


Rainbow Juices is bringing the freshest, most nutritious and delicious juice right here to Long Beach! We are making cold-pressed, living juices an option for all, even those with busy lifestyles. Eating a healthy, balanced diet is not always easy when you are on the go. With fresh pressed juices available daily, we make it simple for you to keep on moving and feeling good about your choices. You can place your orders for pickup, or have our juices delivered directly to your door. Visit us at our retail location in downtown Long Beach, 246 E. 3rd St.

Sustainability – A value we MUST live by

Responsible, conscious choices are essential for the health of our bodies and our planet.

Purchasing our produce from local farms supports sustainable agriculture and cuts down on the fuel used to ship produce from far away. We minimize our waste by using and reusing glass jars. Thank you Long Beach for helping us heal our planet!

​We have also partnered with local urban growers to give back to the earth and the plants that feed us. We return all of our produce mulch to urban garden projects and backyard gardeners for composting. Our juices help make the people of our city thrive. What’s left over, in turn, helps make our gardens grow over and over again. It’s the cycle of life in action. Nothing but goodness. Please contact us if you would like to pick up organic compost material for your garden project.