our story

Rainbow Juices is a natural expansion of our love for delicious, living foods and our passion to educate and serve others. Our cold-pressed journey began in 2011 in our home kitchen where we created special juice blends for friends and yoga students. With the number of orders flowing in, we quickly realized that our community needed real food options and needed our help. In 2012, Rainbow Juices officially launched and within the first year our juices could be purchased directly in over 20 Long Beach locations. With this loyal support from our community, the first Rainbow Juices location opened in 2015 in downtown Long Beach. Since then, we have dedicated our research, our recipes and our energy to helping others find health and balance in their lives through juice, cleansing, and raw food.

In 2017, we followed our vision (and hearts) and created the first ever raw food cafe in Long Beach, Under the Sun. Located right next door to Rainbow Juices, Under the Sun is a natural expansion of juice cleansing and clean living. From our raw food, juice, and tonic offerings to our curated marketplace and community events, It is our intention to continue to encourage and inspire our community to live a balanced, healthy, happy life.

Dawna and Chrissy are an adventurous, active, crafty couple living in Long Beach with their beautiful daughter, Isis. They are grateful to contribute to the health and wellness of the fine folks of Long Beach, one juice at a time.