What is cold-pressed juicing?

Cold-pressed juicing is a slow, two-step process that minimally disrupts the natural state of the fruit or vegetable  – The whole fruit or vegetable is mulched, or grinded, into a pulp. The pulp is then squeezed on a hydraulic press, which efficiently releases all the nutrients, vitamins and enzymes from the fiber of the produce. The result is a delicious, energizing, living juice.

What’s the difference between your juices and the juice I make at home?

Most home juicers, and many commercial juicers used at juice bars, are centrifugal juicers. The blades spin at a very high speed, creating friction and heat during this short process of extracting juices. This heat can kill many of the living enzymes in the juice right away, and oxidation occurs at a much faster rate. Juice from a centrifugal juicer will last only a few hours, while cold-pressed juices maintain their freshness for 72 hours! Cold-pressed juice is more nutrient-rich and alive than any other juice on the planet.

Where do you get your produce? Is it organic?

We source only local, organic produce directly from the farm to you. We take the time to get to know the folks who grow our food, and build a connection of trust and support. Together, we are working to keep our planet and its people happy and healthy.

Where can I return my empty jars?

When you finish your juices,  you can return all of your empty jars to the downtown RJ shop. You will receive punches on an electronic punch card via our loyalty program. When you return 12 jars, you receive a free juice! Please rinse them out before you return ‘em. Thank you for helping us in our effort to bring the planet back into balance!


We recommend slowly introducing whole foods into your system. We invite you to come check out our raw/vegan cafe, Under the Sun, located right next door to our downtown location at 244 E. 3rd St, Long Beach, Ca 90802

Do you have Gift Cards?

Yes, we do. You can purchase them online or at the RJ shop.

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cleanse faq

How many days should I cleanse for?

Cleansing is such an amazing experience that really connects you to the functions and needs of your body. While we recommend cleansing for at least 3 days to start, a 1 or 2 day cleanse can be a great way to maintain balance in your body and life. Adding a regular juice cleanse into your lifestyle is a great way to balance the effects of stress, pollution, and toxins that keep you from being your best. As you are receiving all your essential vitamins and nutrients, a juice cleanse can last several days and be extremely beneficial.  A longer cleanse can help you break through harmful habits, rid your body of many impurities, and put you back in control of your own health and happiness.

Isn’t cleansing for unhealthy people?

Cleansing is for everyone. For thousands of years, people have practiced methods of detoxing to promote a longer, healthier, happier life.  In these times, cleansing can be a tool to bring balance in our bodies and our lives. It helps alleviate the effects of poor eating, stress, and environmental toxins. Cleansing helps us take control of our own health.

Can anyone cleanse?

Pregnant or nursing moms and children should not cleanse. Little ones are just developing their immune systems and should not be exposed to toxins that are released during a cleanse. Drinking only a few juices per day with other healthy foods is a great way to give your body extra nutrients in these times.

What will I feel like when I’m cleansing?

For most people, the first few days of the cleanse can be challenging. The mind and digestive organs are so dependent on the ritual of eating solid meals, it takes them a minute to get on board. As the body adjusts and toxins are released, most feel a boost in energy. You feel clear minded, light, and radiant.

Is cleansing going to keep me from my daily routine?

at work

Your body is shifting, and you may shift your habits a little, too. Working while cleansing is a great for most people. The mind is sharper, you have bursts of energy. Elimination may be more frequent, as you are flooding your body with nutrients.

work outs

you should definitely move your body during a cleanse. the lymphatic system does not have a pump and relies on movement to flush toxins out of the body. stick with exercise your body is used to, no added weight or pushing too hard. listen to your body. you will recognize when it’s time to slow down and when you have some extra energy to push yourself. It’s all about balance.

Am I getting protein during a cleanse?

There is an abundance of protein in every cold-pressed juice, especially leafy greens based juices. You can also choose the RJ Ready Cleanse, which includes Almond Milk, or add a nut milk to any of the RJ Cleanses.

Why do you drink 6 juices a day during the cleanse?

6 juices a day provides your body with optimum nutrients to repair, cleanse and maintain balance of your systems. You know your body better than anyone, so please let us know if you need to adjust your plan.

Can I have any caffeinated drinks with my cleanse?

The answer is no, sorry. Caffeine contains toxins that raises the acidity of the body, affects our adrenals and nervous system. You may experience headaches or even nausea during your cleanse if you are detoxing from caffeine.

How do I know when I’m done cleansing?

A wonderful part of cleansing is learning to listen to your body and understand what it needs. Once you get past the first few days and your mind gets on board, you will experience the rush of feeding your body with pure, living enzymes. Live it up! You will know when you are ready to ease back into solids by paying attention to the energy shifts in your body.  After cleansing, you may look at food in a whole new light.

What if I want to do the cleanse longer?

You may find after running your body on clean, pure living juice for a few days, you are ready to go deeper into your cleanse. Just send us an email at least a day before your last day and we will extend your juice cleanse for as long as you need.

Where can I return my empty jars?

When you finish your juices,  you can return all of your empty jars to the downtown RJ shop to receive punches via our loyalty program! Please rinse them out before you return ‘em. Thank you for helping us in our effort to bring the planet back into balance!